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Woolmers Estate


More roses

Lovely perfumes

This morning we attended a Church of Christ next door to the Caravan Park. The church has bought an old woolen mill which fills a whole city block, with hugh brick buildings. This is divided up into a large church, a large area for youth and children. One area used to be a car repair shop, so they use this to repair cars donated to them, and when repaired, donate them to people who cannot afford to buy a car. Troubled youth are mentored in this program. Another area is rented by a gym, and the church runs the storage business which was there.

I’m showing my age when I say the music was very loud, but a challenging service.

We then drove to Longford to the Woolmers Estate Festival of Roses. This was an old convict site with quite a few restored stone buildings. There were about 1000 roses. It smelled wonderful as many were perfumed. Very beautiful to see.

Love Dawn

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