2017 North Carolina Mountains travel blog

Our trip home from Summerton, SC to home on Nov 7th covered 280 miles with most of it I-95 and I-295. It was an easy drive that we have taken many, many times in the past. We did give the Mothership a final drink as we approached home so she would have a full tank and we could tally the trip's expenses which are summarized below.

Final Expense Summary:

RV Fuel - $579.01 or .34/mile

RV Misc - 480.34 (wash, wax and misc. small items)

RV Maintenance - 1,633.30 (major 60 month annual maint)

RV Repairs - 765.78 (had a coolant leak that took major time to get to)

Generator Maintenance - 76.70 (annual oil & filter changes)

Auto Fuel - 603.37

Campground Fees - 4,293.72 or 20.35/night (6 months of monthly rates held it down a lot)

Attractions - 325.61

Food - 1,934.25 or 9.17/day (some of this is cleaning supplies, paper products and other non food items purchased at the grocery store)

Restaurants - 1,383.65 or 6.56/day

Laundry - 99.50

Clothing - 137.25

Household - 340.12

Gifts & Souvenirs - 665.01

Misc. - 21.95


Total - $13,340.00 or 63.22/day

Total miles driven in Mothership - 1,700 or 170 miles per stop average

Total days on trip - 211

It looks like Prescott, AZ will be our summer destination next year, IF we can get the reservation we want.

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