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Room in our hotel in Bikaner

Beautiful windows in the hotel

Lynn at dinner, Bikaner

David at dinner, Bikaner

In the courtyard of the hoel, Bikaner

Saturday 4th November 2017

Jaisalmer to Bikaner

Up on the roof again for breakfast for another beautiful view of Jaisalmer Fort on a lovely morning. Lynn saved her toast for the mother dog we had seen from the roof, she has 10 very lively puppies. The dog was happy to receive the toast and quickly ate it. The hotel manager told her that they feed the dog and give the puppies milk, but we wondered what would become of them – so many dogs on the streets of India. The manager of the hotel gave us a present of 2 very beautiful cushion covers that will be ideal for our day bed at home. Packed up and headed off with our driver Sanju at 9:00am towards Bikaner for the last stop on our trip before Delhi. Jaisalmer is a very large army town (and air force town) – there is a huge army camp that extends for a number of kms along the highway out of town. No doubt this is due to the proximity of Pakistan (only about 100kms away) – these countries don’t see eye to eye and are always having exercises near the borders – this area is all arid and desert land. Almost the whole way today, the Indian Government is building a new road, so it was constant roadworks, very dusty and slow. Took us about 6 or more hours to get to our hotel, in the heart of the old town of Bikaner. Our driver had quite a deal of trouble getting into the area due to the narrow streets, cows, motor bikes etc and was scraped by a tuk tuk in a particularly narrow spot. We should mention why cows are held sacred and never harmed – it is believed a cow could be your ancestor. They certainly cause a problem to the traffic! The hotel itself is a historic monument and the interiors and rooms are quite exquisite. Our room, on the first floor which is built around a beautiful courtyard, is huge with a four-poster bed, lounge chairs, beautiful furniture filled with artifacts, and an amazing mosaic floor. Once we had checked in to the hotel, we went out and bought a bottle of soft drink to go with our aperitif and then had a rest till dinner at 7:30pm. Dinner was vegetarian as the owners of the hotel are Jains and they eat no meat or eggs etc. Really nice meal, then to bed around 10:00pm. Today was sunny, very dusty on the road and about 30C.

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