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Spike gave Zoey a paint roller to play with! Its all over...

The evening sky on an evening walk

This struck fear in my soul. Another unsecured appliance in the back...

Yes, Fred came with us, and he likes the hammock!

Oh my! Yes, I saw my first big, hairy, and ugly tarantula. (Sorry no photo, all I wanted to do is run the other way!) Thankfully he was not in my yard, or at my house, but about a block away. My neighbor pointed it out to me on the street, as her husband was attempting to run over it with his 4 wheeler. He succeeded, I am glad to say. I am thankful that Spike had the pest control people come and spray the whole yard for protection against stuff like that just after we arrived. He says that if you spray the perimeter it keeps the scorpions, snakes, and tarantulas away. I certainly hope so!

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