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Today was a rather busy day. Is it possible that a guy with a bad back can have a busy day? We shared our coffee indoors but then went outdoors to move things around so that the crew could more easily wash and wax the RV.

Richard and his crew arrived about 10:00 and started working immediately. Marilyn is delighted because the windows are so clean now. Things look so neat and clean now and we are happy.

Our friends went out to eat again tonight but Marilyn & I elected to stay home to rest my back one more day. I want to be well enough to go to Mexico on Saturday so that is my goal.

I’m sure most of you readers know about my reputation for taking friends out to eat and finding the restaurant closed when we arrive. Guess what happened with our friends this evening. Yep, it was closed! That’s what they get for inviting us to go along! LOL

They all ended up going to a well-known Mexican restaurant and I suspect that they had a rousing good time together.

Mike & Sandy stopped by to say “So Long” as they are leaving tomorrow. We wish they were staying longer and we’ll miss these good folks.

So that’s the way our day has turned out. It was a good day, my back gets better each day, and Life is Good!

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