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Regent, Rebecca Kohout, and Lynn Forney Young, Honorary President General (Photo by...

This morning I attended our monthly DAR meeting and enjoyed our special program. Lynn Forney Young, Honorary President General of the Daughters of the American Revolution, spoke about her great aunt Paralee Ardith Parish’s military service during World War I: “Being a WWI Nurse: Reflections from my great-aunt’s diary”. She showed slides of some of the photographs, newspaper articles and pages from the diary. Ms. Parish received a number of service awards. The diary was written in 1917-1918, documenting Ms. Parish’s life as a U. S. Army field nurse stationed in Paris, France, during World War I. It describes her social life as well as field conditions and casualties, including profiles of some of her officer patients. An article from a Parisian paper concerns the armistice and clippings from British papers describe wartime movements and policies. The diary ends with Parish’s notification of her return to the States. We were pleased to learn that Ms. Parish had been a member of our DAR chapter!

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