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What is Fry's you ask? It is the only grocery store in our neighborhood. (It is the same as our Fred Meyer at home). It is big, but there are lots of hungry people here so it is a crazy place. Julie says you need to go there before 0800 or after 6pm, to shop sanely. They can hardly keep the food on the shelves. And people will run you down with their carts. I have learned, she who hesitates is lost, turn down that aisle even if you are not sure its what you want, or get run over! I talked to a man in our neighborhood who said he worked there the first year they started coming to Yuma. Never again he said. Its crazy there every day.

We have learned that there are 14,000 regular residents in the Foothills area, and when the snowbirds show up it adds 40,000 people to the population. Wow, no wonder Fry's is so busy. Anyway, I have been going to the Marine commissary instead. It is small, like the commissary in Key West, but it has everything you need, and its combat free!

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