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This morning my pastor was “fired up” about the mass shooting at the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church. He encouraged all of us to be extra vigilant and informed us that we have a team of members who are regularly patrolling our campus. There will also be special training for handling such attacks. Several police officers are members at our church and, of course, they are always ready to defend, even when they are off duty.

Our church has a connection to the Sutherland Springs church in that one of our staff members is the sister of Pastor Pomeroy. Our church will be helping his church but he wants us to wait for a while before getting involved because there is so much happening right now. His sister will help to coordinate those efforts.

About two years ago a man entered our church on a Sunday morning and threatened to kill our senior pastor and one of the associate pastors. Ever since then, we have had a uniformed policeman on duty during our services. Now we have to be even more aware of possible danger. It’s a great shame that it has come to this.

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