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We stayed overnight in Fremantle which gave us the chance to go and explore the town of Fremantle this morning.

We decided a visit to the Fremantle jail was needed. In 1850’s the first of almost 10,000 male convicts arrived as a labour force to help build the Swan River Colony. Their first project was to build their own home – the jail. As the overseas convicts stopped arriving before the end of the 19th century the jail became Perth’s maximum security prison until 1991. It was not escape proof and many prisoners managed to get away.

Over the years many different governors of the Jail tried different ways of rehabilitating the prisoners some through education and caring others through more brutal means as you can imagine. In 2010 the jail was included on the world heritage list.

We wandered from here down into the town with some nice old buildings. There was pedestrian area with free wifi so we sat on bench and checked our email and added to the blog.

The waterfront is a very nice area with a modern looking Maritime Museum and lots of restaurants and beer stops if needed. We sailed out at 1pm back into the Indian Ocean. We were very impressed with both cities we visited.

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