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The plan was to drive to Blytheville to see if the solar panels Sam helped to install at a high school there were still in place. They had disappeared. After Blytheville, we planned to drive a scenic drive beside the Mississippi River, but it turned out to be not very scenic except for the cotton fields. Neither of us had seen fields of cotton ready to pick, and so that was interesting. I remember seeing trucks pulling huge trailers of steel mesh with cotton filling them. Apparently, these days, the cotton is picked right in the fields where it is grown and packed into bales that resemble round hay bales except they are much larger, are white on the ends, and encased in what looked like pink or yellow plastic wraps.

It was heavily overcast all day with a very fine mist falling.

We decided it was time to get a motel room for a night and kick back and enjoy the relatively luxurious fact that someone else gets to make the bed and wash the dishes in the morning.

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant next to the motel. Excellent food, but a party was going on that was so loud Barbara gave up and took out her hearing aids!

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