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The piazza down the street from our hotel.







































After a long day in the bus on Monday, we were looking forward to getting our legs moving again. Actually the accompanying pictures started Monday night after supper at the Hotel Victoria. Cava de' Tirreni is actually a suburb of Naples and much more urban than Deiva Marina. The hotel was well located on a traffic restricted street, Corso Mazzini, and we felt very comfortable walking around after dark, which we did every night.

Tuesday morning our two smaller buses arrived to take us up and over the coastal mountains to Bomerano. We started our hike from the middle of town at a little over 630 meters/2,000 feet. It is difficult to compare the hiking here to Cinque Terre as there are some similarities and many differences. The trail started wider and appeared to be in better condition but it could quickly become steep and narrow. In one section we were basically sliding down the rocks on our bums. In common, however, were the spectacular views.

Our lunch was scheduled at a restaurant overlooking Positano. We were still at an elevation of just under 450 meters/1,440 feet so the view down to the sea and the town was spectacular. Our meal was very much the match to the view; excellent.

We had the option of either hiking the rest of the way into Positano or taking a local bus. I think only one of the group elected the hike and the rest of us waited for the bus. While waiting for the bus we watched a load of gravel being moved up to the top of the nearby hill by donkey. It looked like there were three donkeys that took turns carrying their loads up a long flight of steps. What a flashback in time.

Positano was similar to many of the other towns we had visited but distinctive in being a centre with extensive ceramic tiles and decorations.

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