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A fierce wind came up last night and I was sure we would've woken up in a different campsite this morning. It blew all night and we were not sure we would be leaving today. It was down to small gusts by 9am so we packed up, and then the wind picked up again!

We hit the highway, the wind died a few miles down the road and then were driving in snow flurries almost to Olympia.

The plan today was to drive thru Seattle on a Sunday to avoid much of the traffic. When checking Washington's DOT department of transport I seen traffic alerts between 11am and 1 pm for a Seahawks game. And it was busy,busy ,busy.At that point we chose to go thru Redmond again and that freeway was just as slow. Then we hit more traffic woes around Tacoma!

We tried the Sunday thing and just cant win getting thru this city. In my opinion...It is without doubt the absolute worst city to drive through.

Sitting here watching the sunset over a beer and thinking the worst is now behind us.

I told Marion that the temperatures have doubled since this morning,it is a balmy four degrees now!!

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