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Our second day in Waco was scheduled as a rest day which was good for me but we had friends to see and places to go.

Eddie & Jan arrived in separate cars so that Jan could take Marilyn and Janet with her to see the Silos and the Magnolia facility, while Eddie took Bob and me off to visit the Texas Ranger Museum. I won’t even try to write about the ladies day but I will tell you that us guys had a fine time. The Texas Ranger Museum is a great place to visit and we began by watching a 45 minute film depicting the history of the Texas Rangers which began in 1823 if I remember correctly. Of course at that time they were simply called Rangers. The Texas part came a bit later.

Several of the pistols used by the Rangers were available so that you could pick them up in your hand. Several weighed more than 4 pounds, one weighed 4 pounds and nine ounces. Man, it was all I could do to hold that steady let along handling the recoil when it was fired. I can only imagine that part.

We were all hungry by the time we finished at the Museum so Eddie drove us to the town of West, where we stopped at a Bakery and picked up some goodies to take home. Eddie then drove to a restaurant he has visited before. In fact he took Bob there once before and Bob had bragged about it to me saying that the food in that restaurant was fantastic! Now my friend Bob may embellish his stories somewhat from time to time, but he was right on this time. What a treat!

I realize that many people do not like liver and onions but Bob and I both love that dish when properly cooked. Both of us agree that this was the best liver and onions we have ever tasted.

A huge portion cooked perfectly, covered with sweet onions, and served with mashed potatoes with parsley flakes, mixed veggies, and coleslaw. All of this food for only $5.99.

Wow!! Thanks Eddie for taking us there.

We were surprised to see that our spouses had arrived home just ahead of us so we all visited for a while and then Eddie left for home.

I had to get busy so I dragged out the sewer hose, hooked it all up and dumped the holding tanks. When that was finished I put the outdoor furniture away and then went inside to take a shower and lay out clean clothing for the next day.

It was a wonderful day spent in the company of good friends.

Life is Good!

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