Tasmania Trip 2017 travel blog

The Hazard Mountains

Friendly Beach

The orange rocks stand out here

Very white sand

Noel and I drove to Friendly Beach, one way was beautiful white sand, as far as you could see, a little further along the rocks with orange growing on them, look amazing. The sun was out for a few hours today, which made the scenery look spectacular.

It was great to see two, very alive, echidna walking through the bush. Tried to get a photo, but only got their backs, as they go fast when they want to.

David and Ann did the walks we did yesterday, but as they started later, got rained on part of the way. After lunch they also drove to Friendly Bay and seen a mother and baby Wombat.

We all decided we would buy some fresh mussels from the seafood farm. This was an experience, as hadn’t cooked them before. We steamed them, then added to a stir fry. They were nice, however I didn’t realise they were still alive in their shells. That didn’t appeal to me. Think this may be a “ one off “.

Love Dawn

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