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Heading uphill to Waimea Canyon

Looking back


The island of Ni'ihau in distance


Misty mountains


Waimea Canyon overlook










On road to next overlook

Wild chickens are everywhere on Kaua'i. Called "moa" or wild jungle fowl

Next overlook

Sue & JoAnn at overlook













Sue & JoAnn at lookout at end of Koke'e Road, 4,000 above...

This is where we are.

Looking down into the Kalalua Valley

More of the same






Back to sea level

Spouting Horn - Shoots anywhere from 10 to 50' in air


It makes a moaning sound as the air rushes through a nearby...

South shore


Rainbow over our dinner place in Port Allen

I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that all was not perfect in paradise for a little while. We had a plumbing issue with water backing up into the bathtubs but the staff here took care of it promptly. They offered to move us to another cottage but we didn't want to leave this one.

While the weather didn't look too promising for our planned trip today, based on the local's advice that it probably wouldn't be any better tomorrow, we set out for Waimea Canyon State Park. It's often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and is a mile wide, 3,600 feet deep and 14 miles long. Not nearly as grand as the one in Arizona but is spectacularly beautiful. Described as "a jumble of red-orange pyramids, striped with gray bands of volcanic rock and stubbled with green and gold vegetation." Just past the canyon is Kokee State Park, also spectacularly beautiful. Lots of great photos from viewpoints in both places in spite of the fog and mist.

Later we drove in toward the touristy town of Poipu to see the Spouting Horn, a plume of seawater caused by the force of the ocean waves funneling through a lava tube. It's called a horn because the spraying water is followed by a low moaning sound as the water funnels back out.

Dinner in Port Allen along the waterfront

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