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A little eye candy in Deiva Marina; a Maclaren.

Getting organized at the station in Santa Margherita.

Santa Margherita - Along the seashore.

Lovely flowers everywhere.

More flowers.

Yes more.

... and more in the middle of a traffic circle.

Our meeting place - Statue of King Victor Emmanuel II

Lovely parkland

You don't see many pickup trucks in Europe.

The Lotus 7's on their way to Portofino.

Santa Margherita - Along the main drag.

Santa Margherita Castle

Cyclists either racing or training.

Turtles filled this fountain

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montallegro

Ceiling in the Santuary

I can't remember the name of this interesting hotel.

Looking back on the road to Portofino.

Scuba divers on check-out dives.

Hotel Paraggi

Hotel from the other side of the bay.

Getting closer to Portofino.

The entry to Portofino's very protected harbour.

Church of St. Martin greeted us to Portofino.

We caught up to those Lotus 7's.

Map of our hike. 5.79 kms.

Lunch in the piazza with Vicky and Larry.

Lots of small fishing boats in the harbour.

... and some big ones, too. Lady Sara - 182 feet.

Nice "dingy" for the Lady.

Funky art on the hill.

You know these people.

Portofino is actually quite small, geographically.

On the ferry back to Santa Margherita.

Santa Margherita.

Santa Margherita.

Jon and Sue, likely keeping their photos organized.

A change of direction for us on this Sunday morning as we headed north-west to Santa Margherita and Portofino. We arrived in Santa Margherita to a light drizzle so Raimund suggested that the weather would clear in an hour so we should spend that time exploring to town before reconvening and hiking to Portofino. Santa Margherita is a pretty little town of about 10,000 people. As the gateway to Portofino it is a busy place. Several Lotus 7 sports cars buzzed through town. Many road bicycles were either racing or training for one and the locals were out in their finery. Truly the Italian Riviera.

As Raimund predicted, the clouds cleared and we started our hike to Portofino. Almost the first 4 kilometers was along the sidewalk between the shore and the road; very busy. The final couple of kilometers rose into the hills to a maximum of 89 meters and afforded a beautiful view of Portofino as we arrived.

In Portofino we found all those Lotus 7's that had roared by us in Santa Margherita. I guess they were having a car show there as they were all parked together in the main piazza. Almost the entire downtown area was outdoor restaurants and we joined fellow travellers Vicky and Larry for lunch. For a country famous for pizza, we were a little disappointed with ours. What we did have was a great view and that view included watching a 182 foot yacht, the Lady Sara, back into a slip in the marina.

We met at the assigned time to board the ferry back to Santa Margherita. From there the train to Deiva Marina for our last night at the Hotel Clelia.

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