Tasmania Trip 2017 travel blog

Scenery has changed, drier here

Caravan park at foot of the Hazards amongst the trees

Muirs Bay

Noel and David

End of our beach walk

Wednesday was a day of short walks and resting.

The scenery is very different now, not the lush green of the west coast. They need rain here, are taking about drought, although not drought as we know it.

Thursday, today we drove to Coles Bay, just over 100km, on the way stopped and walked around Swansea, a pretty coastal town.

Settled into the caravan park at the foot of the Hazard mountains, we can’t see them from the park because of the trees.

Went for a lovely walk along Muirs Beach. It has been heavy cloud today and cold, got to a high of 13deg, it is showering at the moment.

Love Dawn

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