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Jeanne's fall decorations

Tuesday was another hectic day, although we did get to sleep in a bit before it started. Then we drove over to visit with mama and run some errands before Jeanne was discharged from the hospital. We were just coming out of the local Kroger store when we ran into Mike and Jeanne coming through the parking lot. We met at their house where I was going to fix dinner. Jeanne's daughter in law Carolyn had left beef stroganof in the freezer so that was going to be dinner. Jeanne had told Mike that we could thaw it out when we got home so it was still in the freezer. When I read the instructions, it said to add water and put it in the crockpot for 8 hours. Obviously we were not having that for dinner! So we orderd Chinese and I left it in the refrigerator to thaw for the next night.

On Wednesday we slept in again, then went to have lunch with mama. The staff put us at a special table and took very good care of us. It is a simple dining room, but well appointed. Our food choices were veal with eggplant or chicken salad with fruit. The food was surprisingly good, although not as hot as I would have liked. We all had some excellent carrot cake for dessert. That evening we did have the beef stroganoff, certainly the best I have ever tasted.

One of our errands that day was to get one of Don's prescription refilled. Naturally there was a glitch, so they had to call the doctor, who of course did not call back in time to fill it that day. When we went back the next day, there was still a problem, so I called the doctor's office myself. And still had to leave a message. Finally we figured out what the problem was, but still had to hear from the doc to get it resolved. By this time Don only had 1 day left of medicine so we were getting down to the wire.

While we were at Jeanne's on Thursday the alarm went off on the truck which was parked across the street. We couldn't see anyone around so figured that Don had sat on the alarm button somehow. EXCEPT, at three o'clock in the morning it went off again. Luckily it shut itself off very quickly. I think our truck is haunted!

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