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#4 bus heading out of town. I want to go the other...

#6 bus heading into town. Not the one I want. All the...

Shop near Melrose's house making replacement car linings and seat covers.

It seems urgent, like we should run, but not at all clear...

This is the building that the sign seems to be pointing to,...

Hills over the river, looking from Greg's hotel room.

Ferry on the bank of the river, ready to head over to...

Jet trail, as I got off the bus at home.

Awful picture, but proof that I can still cook a lamb roast!...

Roast lamb, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, and then beans, broccoli and boy choy,...

I was just a little bit excited today, as it is the day for me to collect my new phone. I gave up waiting for the message from the lady, as I wanted to go to Chain Mart for vegetables first, to cook dinner tonight, as Scott told me that Bill would be joining us for dinner.

So, first stop was the ATM at the college, but I could not withdraw as much as I needed to pay for the phone. I got what I could, and messaged Greg to see if I could borrow from him until tomorrow. That settled, I headed to the bus stop, to go to Chain Mart.

It is on the other side of the city, but Melrose tells me that they have the best vegetable range, and it is still just the one bus fare, so I decided that is where I would go. While I was on the bus, I had a message from Melrose, to see if I'd had the message about the phone. And during our conversation, when she realized I was headed over her way, she invited me to visit her home.

On the way, I sent a message to the phone shop, and she replied that the phone was already there, so I told her I would be a few hours, but I would be there later on.

I got off the bus one stop too early, so walked the rest of the way, and then waited for her to collect me. There are a lot of auto type shops, spare parts, repairs, etc. I was waiting outside an upholstery shop, where it appears they make seat replacements and the door linings.

Melrose arrived, and we walked over Duanzhou Lu to go down her side street. We walked past a wet market on the way, and I decided that I would get vegetables from there, rather than going into the supermarket.

Melrose has a lovely apartment on the second floor of her building. She has two balconies, one really nice to sit on, and watch the world go by. And there are big trees, so you are actually looking out through the trees. Very nice. Not new by a long shot, but it just has a nice feel to it. Probably the only downside is the toilet. A squatter, without even a flush button. But there is a bucket under a tap, and you just throw water down to flush!

She walked me back to the bus stop, and on the way I got a heap of veges, and paid a huge 24.5 RMB. Under #5, and I had a great range of vegetables for tonight's dinner.

I got the bus back into the city centre, and got off near to Greg's hotel, as I needed to go and collect some money from him, before I could collect my new phone. He made coffee, and we chatted for a while. He was trying to check in online for his flight on Wednesday, and needed my help, but even with two of us working on it, we could not make it work. He is going to a hotel near the airport tomorrow, to stay the night, so I suggested that when he arrives at the airport he should find the China Southern help desk, and see if they can do it for him. Seemed to be the best solution.

Anyway, I headed back into town, and to the phone shop. And sure enough the phone was there and ready. I had a list of apps that I needed put onto my phone, and the young guy, who is the lady's nephew set to work. He did everything I needed, and then changed all the settings to English. So quickly and easily.

It was late already when I left town. I sent Scott a message to say that I was not going to make it to any of his class, and I was heading straight home, to get the vegetables cooking. I had done the meat last night, and put it in foil in the fridge overnight. The oven is going to take some working out. It seems to be running way hotter than the dial indicates. Perhaps I'll get used to it.

Scott and Bill turned up after class. They were going to do some work with apps on Scott's phone. Language difficulties were hampering his efforts, and he needed Bill's help.

By about 7.30 dinner was ready, which was not too bad, considering. It was OK, although nowhere near my best effort. The oven is going to take some getting used to. But it was a nice change, and the roast veges were awesome. The lamb leg was pretty good too, but possibly could have done with a lower cooking temperature. Next time!

Anyway, Bill enjoyed his dinner, and headed off when he finished, so he could get to whatever study he needs to do.

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