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The outdoor temperature dropped below the freezing level last night. We stayed nice and comfortable though and slept fine except for the side effects of my radiation therapy which linger on, causing me to make several trips to the bathroom each night. When the loss of sleep is combined with the low energy level, the effect is one of great fatigue.

I have been determined not to allow these issues keep me from getting the RV ready for the road. I worked outdoors yesterday and managed to get most things done.

This morning I had just begun to dry off after my shower when we noticed that the water had been shut off. The outdoor temperature was only 28 degrees so the Maintenance guys shut the water off for about an hour. I was lucky to get my shower finished!

Marilyn & I drove to Palmyra where we met the family at Church. Colby and Lauren were both participating in the Children’s Mass and it was enjoyable.

After Mass we all drove back to Hannibal for lunch at the Golden Corral. We have a custom of sharing lunch with the family on the day before we leave.

We were stuffed when we left the restaurant and lingered in the parking lot saying “So Long” and exchanging hugs and wishes for safe travel.

Once Marilyn & I returned to the RV, Marilyn settled down for a nap because she has a nasty cold. I went outdoors and spent the next 2 ½ hours finishing the “pre-departure” chores.

We are now ready to go.

Life is Good!

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