2017 North Carolina Mountains travel blog

BRP 1 - going around Waynesville on the way to the Blue...

BRP 2 - lots of color on the mountains near Waynesville



BRP 5 - just after getting on the BRP

BRP 6 - just a couple of miles from the Waynesville entrance...




BRP 10

BRP 11

BRP 12 - as we get near 6,000 feet, no leaves on...

This is one of the mountains surrounding the RV park

The horses heard us at the gate and came running

The black is Daisy Mae and the brown and white is Forrest...

Gimmee some carrots!

Me too!!

They are beautiful horses

Our mountain summer has come to an end! Last Saturday, the high was 38 and we had a few snow flurries during the day with nothing sticking. Saturday night it went down to 25 - Guess it's time to head for warmer climates!

The previous Tuesday we had made our last trip up on the Blue Ridge Parkway seeking color. We had made the same trip a week before but we had a cold spell in between and we were rewarded with much more color on this trip, enough to take a few pictures and share with you. This fall has been very late and not as colorful as other years. Some of it is due to the warmth lasting longer and some due to the storms that have came through and played havoc with the tree leaves.

It has still been a great summer and we have enjoyed our stay here. The area has just about anything you could want shopping, dining and weather wise. The people in the campground are wonderful and we have made many new friends. We plan on making this our summer home starting in 2019. We will be spending next summer in Prescott, AZ if we can find a park to take us for that long. We are currently having trouble get our reservation at the park we want.

We leave tomorrow for Gafney, SC where we will have the Mothership receive its annual maintenance at the Freightliner service facility there on Monday.

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