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I was up and ready to head out to meet up with Winnie, when she called to tell me that she could not join me today. She takes Iona to an 'early childhood education' on a Wednesday morning, so we have once again moved our meeting forward.

Scott had a busy day. Kindergarten first thing in the morning, and then back here, he had a class with the second year students at 4.20, and as soon as he was finished, he headed straight back out to his other part time job.

I decided to do some washing in the morning, but when I got my sheets into the machine, and turned on the tap, the whole fitting broke apart, and there was no way I was going to be washing, before I had a repair man!

Anyway, I called Nicole. I also needed water, so that was arranged too. The water arrived very quickly, and the repairman was not far behind him. He will come back this afternoon, with a new hose.

So, I had nothing to do, but sit around reading, listening to ABC Radio, and doing cross-stitch in between. Thankfully, the repair was done early enough in the afternoon, that I could get my sheets washed, out, and dried, to put back on my bed. The joys of having only one set of bedding!!

I went in to class with Scott, and thoroughly enjoyed it. They are far more reserved than the first year students though, and it can be a struggle getting communication going. But we can only do the best we can.

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