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I woke during the night and began thinking about the propane level because the furnace was running. The temperature outdoors dropped into the thirties during the night and I realized that we had not filled a propane bottle since we left the Rio Grande Valley in May.

I finally dropped off to sleep again but the first thing I did after waking this morning was to go out to check the propane. Sure enough we had one empty tank and I wasn’t sure about the amount in the other tank.

Of course it’s Saturday so my list of available facilities to have a tank filled are very limited. A phone call soon resolved this issue so I disconnected the empty tank and put it in the truck.

Then the truck wouldn’t start. The batteries are due to be replaced and the cold weather dragged them down. I plugged in the battery charger and connected it up, transferred the empty propane bottle to the car, and drove off to get the tank filled.

By the time I returned Birney and The young man who helps him here at the Campground were outside ready to help take the DISH antenna off the roof of the RV.

They also gave me a hand installing the filled propane tank and all was well.

I finished putting all of the outdoor furniture away in the basement storage area and the truck, and then started the truck.

After a quick run to Walmart I was ready to call it a day. Not much remains until we will be ready to leave. Dumping the holding tanks and stowing the sewer hoses is about it. Oh, I will top off the fuel in the truck tomorrow and have the car all ready to hook up to the RV.

We will be spending time with family tomorrow. A “Kid’s Mass” where both of the Grandkids will participate is at the top of our list and then we’ll take the family out for a “So Long” meal.

Oh, speaking of the Grandkids reminds me to tell you that Colby got a deer early this morning. One shot, and meat for the freezer. Lauren was helping to field dress the deer too.

Oh My, Life is Good!

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