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Scott, assembling the new shelf unit.

This is going to make a big difference, in the storage-poor apartment.

Cathy, Greg and myself.

Friday's special at Bai Pin Tang. Spicy Sichuan beef.

My barbecue pork, with greens and rice. A whole 16 RMB, about...

Greg's specially priced dinner, at 9 RMB. Just under $2!

This morning, I had a plan to do washing. My sheets need changing, but before I got to the washing machine, Scott had started to do his chores. But there was an issue with the machine not spinning the wet washing. So of course the clothes went up dripping wet, which probably contributed to the fact that the wire broke and all the washing fell down!

Oh dear, not a good look. Anyway, Scott called Nicole, and a repairman was here quickly. He had a look, and said that he would be back this afternoon.

So, as washing was out of the question, we decided to assemble the new shelf unit.I had picked it up from the delivery man yesterday as I came home from town. When we opened the box, I was very pleasantly surprised, to discover that it was a timber shelf unit, and not the simple metal one that I thought I had ordered. This is much better.

Apart from moving some of the stuff onto the shelf, I had a pretty lazy day at home. No washing to be done now, so I sat around listening to ABC Radio online, and doing my cross-stitch.

Cathy had arranged for us to meet Greg for coffee, and we were going to meet in town. We were getting driven into town by Cathy's husband.

The repairmen had returned, by the time Cathy knocked at my door. So, I was very hopeful that the washing machine would be ready to use by the time I got home!

It was very nice to spend time with Cathy. Her English is very good, and being older, she has a different point of view from many of the Chinese friends I have. She is around 60 or 61.

When Cathy insisted on paying the bill for our coffees and snack, Greg teased her about having a rich husband. She laughed at that, an said that in fact, her husband has a rich wife!! They both get a very small pension, but as a retired teacher, she gets a second pension, so in fact she is better off than he is. Cathy is still teaching, at the Seniors University, and also at Zhaoqing University.

She has been very busy recently, as her 88 year old Mum has been in hospital after falling and breaking her hip. So Cathy has been doing a lot of running back and forth. It is planned that she will be discharged from hospital next Tuesday, and will move back to Cathy's house.

I decided not to go back to the college, when Cathy left, instead I stayed and had dinner with Greg. They have nice food at Bai Pin Tang, tasty, but also very affordable.

Greg and I keep making plans to go on a bus trip, but it keeps on not happening. But we have another plan, for tomorrow morning. Let's hope for the best here.

With the new bus and map apps on my phone, I am starting to get an idea of bus routes around town, and to the outskirts. This is going to help me to decide where to go for a look around. It is so easy to get a bus to the end of the route, get off, have a look around, and just wait for the next bus back to the city!!

When I got home, I was hoping to find a washing machine, ready to go, but apparently it is not repairable, so we will be waiting to find out what will be done to replace it. Such is life in China. Looks like hand washing for the clothes, but I think the sheets will just have to wait!

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