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Looking along Qiansha Lu.

Baisha Police Station.

The run up to the original bridge over the Xijiang to Gaoyao.

Entrance to Baisha Park.

Love all the trees that have been planted around here.

Interesting architecture. Old, to medium, to modern.

Qiansha Lu. Love these old back streets.

Qiansha Lu. Love these old back streets.

Qiansha Lu. Love these old back streets.

Qiansha Lu. Love these old back streets.

Zhaoqing Technician College.

Looks like retirement should be this way.

Jia Hu Qiu Tai Hotel, next door to our college.

Jia Hu Qiu Tai Hotel, and the receptionist let me have a...

Jia Hu Qiu Tai Hotel, and the receptionist let me have a...

Jia Hu Qiu Tai Hotel, and the receptionist let me have a...

Jia Hu Qiu Tai Hotel lobby,

Jia Hu Qiu Tai Hotel lobby.

Lights in the main street of Zhaoqing. Shame the red does not...

So, today we will try once again, to coordinate our times, and hopefully have success at the police station. Winnie had told me last night, that I will need to go to Nicole's office first, because there is a document that I will definitely need.

So I headed up there around 9am, but she was not there. The girl in her office said that she would be back at 9.45, so I rang Winnie, and told her to stay home until I rang her to say I had the paper in my hand.

I went back home for a bit, then headed back to Nicole's office. Poor girl was stressing out. She had had to teach an English class, because too many teachers are away, one having a baby, another on maternity leave. I tried to encourage her, by saying her English is fine, very good in fact, but like she said, she is not a teacher. I hope that does not get dumped on her too often. As if she is not a busy enough girl as it is!

So, once I had the paper, I called Winnie, and she said she would leave home straight away, and be at the police station within about 20 minutes. I walked along the back street to the Baisha Police Station, and waited outside for her to arrive.

Of course nothing is allowed to be simple, and the woman behind the counter now needed me to go out to a shop and get a copy of the passport page where the stamp is, that indicates my arrival in China! And we just play their little games!

She had told Winnie that it could take quite some time to issue the permit, as there was still one document that they needed, and they would have to search for Scott's record, to get the information they wanted! What that was going to mean, heaven only knows!

Anyway, we went out, got a copy of the required passport page, went back and handed it over, and within moments we had my temporary resident permit. What a relief!!

Winnie had been going to take me walking around the old city wall, but we had spent so much time that little Iona was getting impatient, and we decided it would be best to do it another day, in the afternoon, when Winnie's Mum takes care of the baby.

A least that meant that I could just go home, and relax for the rest of the day.

I messaged Melrose later in the day, to say that I was planning to go and eat in Spango Pizza tonight. We met there around 6pm. Their cream of chicken and vegetable soup is just as good as it was, I think the bread bowl it is served in is not what they were making before, but it was still nice. Sadly the twice baked potato was disappointing, but never mind, I needed to check.

Joe and Barbara's manager Sam was working tonight, and it was great to see him again. And then I came across Bing, who works in the kitchen. She is someone Cheryl and I visited in her home. Bing lived in Bendigo for about nine years, before returning to Zhaoqing, so her English is good, and she is somewhat different to most local people. She has certainly seen more of the world, than most local kitchen hands!

Anyway, we had dinner, and then I decided to go over the road, to the Star Leisure Centre for a massage. Between Melrose and I, we managed to negotiate at deal, and I got a full body massage for 88 RMB for one hour. Around $17! It was a little painful at the time, but I am not used to this form of massage now. I am sure I will re-adjust, and after leaving I felt fantastic. I will definitely be back!

It was a five minute walk to get to the bus stop, and home for a good night's sleep!

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