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St. Malo

St. Malo

St. Malo

Narrow streets of St. Malo

St. Malo

St. Malo

St. Malo

My Man!!! Mr. Chateaubriand

Palms grow in St.Malo

St. Malo

Galete and cappuccino for lunch

Thatched roof in St. Suliac

Close up of thatched roof

St. Suliac used to be a fishing village so decorating with fishing...

Memorial to WWI-all villages have one

Narrow street in St. Suliac

Church in St. Suliac

Entry of Church in St. Suliac

Church in St. Suliac

Church in St. Suliac

Fortified walls of Dinan


Narrow streets of Dinan

Plaza in Dinan

Cathedral in Dinan

Half Timbered house in Dinan

Another Beautiful Cathedral (ABC)

View from wall in Dinan

View of the wall in Dinan

Another charming French village, Dinan

Time is getting short!! We'll be home soon. So we're hurrying on to see as much as we can.

Yesterday we arrived in Saint Malo in the Brittany district of France. They call it Bretagne district. It was nice and sunny with that touch of fall in the air.

Brittany is a Celtic-flavored region nestled between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. It was once its own kingdom. It has long inspired painters and poets with its pink granite coast and lush countryside studded with manors, chateaux and fortified villages.

Our hotel is an old French hotel, very nice; but updated nicely. Last night, we went to a local restaurant and had mussels-cooked in wine, cream, Camembert or curry-excellent!!

This morning we awoke to fog that put a definite chill in the air. It's supposed to clear by the afternoon. We took a walking tour around the old, walled city of Saint Malo. As early as the Middle Ages, St. Malo controlled the flow of boat traffic in both directions: from the sea to the River Rance and vice versa. Holding such power went to the heads of its rulers, who for three years declared St. Malo its own country--not subject to France.

We visited the home of a privateer (corsair). He is different from a pirate in that the King of France authorizes him to pillage and plunder and then they split the proceeds. The pirate gets to keep it all himself. So of course the privateers built elaborate mansions, including one the size of a city block, to show off their wealth.

Then we stopped at a little village called Saint Suliac. Nestling (most of the little villages nestle) by the River Rance, Saint-Suliac is a delightful fishing village. Great to stroll around, its charming flower-filled narrow streets are lined with beautiful granite houses. Certain facades of houses are decorated with fishing nets. It was a intriguing village as you will see in Doug's pictures.

We finally reach our final destination--the village of Dinan. This medieval town on the hilltop has many fine old buildings, some of which date from the 13th century. The town retains a large section of the city walls. Again, you will be able to join our walk around the town by Doug's beautiful pictures.

The bus takes us back to our beautiful hotel in Saint Malo.

Well, the internet is very slow tonight and won't let me upload the pictures Doug took today. So I'll send out this narrative tonight and send you the photos later.

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