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The snake river in Idaho from the rest area

Our new place in Yuma-it has an RV gate on each side

A closer view of it, one Rv drives in and the other...

Gotcha with that title, didn't I? We were up getting ready at 0630 (0530 Pacific time) and it was really cold, 32 degrees this morning but clear. It made for brisk walking with Miss Zoey. We got on the road at 0900.

We got to Twin Falls and had just turned onto US-93. There was a pick up truck in front of us in the outside lane, and it was a bit windy out. In the bed of this truck was a chest freezer. All of the sudden his tailgate fell down and then the lid to the freezer popped open, the freezer baskets (they were empty) flew out. Then the freezer started tumbling out of the back of the truck, headed right for us. Spike navigated us away from the freewheeling freezer, and we really locked up the front brakes. He got us over to the side of the road and one of the freezer baskets ended up hitting our front bumper and we thought it went under the RV. But I was just amazed that he was able to drive us out of the path of the runaway freezer! God surely had his hand of protection on us. So anyway he went out to check for damage to the RV, there was none, only a small scratch where the freezer basket hit us. The guy driving the truck was fine and he was concerned about us. We don't know what happened to the freezer, as it was behind us, somewhere. So after Spike changed his underwear and our heart rates returned to normal, we got back on the road again.

There are not very many rest areas on this route in Nevada. The scenery is not very exciting, high desert with brown mountains. Just a two lane road with pull outs if you need to stop for a break. So I didn't take any photos today. And we are opening all the cabinets very carefully, as everything took a hard stop this morning. So glad we are careful to stow everything before we travel, or there might have been some flying projectiles in the air.

Made it to the Ely KOA at around 1630, but it took us awhile to get parked. We asked for a space where we could use our satellite dish, as tonight is "Survivor" one of our favorite shows. The spot they gave us was so un-level that our tires were off the ground in the front, and that's a no go for us. So Spike drove around and we tried it again, sitting farther back in the spot. Same problem. So I went up and asked for another spot, this one isn't real level either, but better.

So then I do my favorite thing, I call Punjab at dish network to give me the local channels. I got Punjab's sister this time but she was going to fix me up. Sure. Wait 10 minutes and you'll have your channels. Ok, we clean the windshield in the meantime. Come back and check, and Nope, no local channels. So I call again, and I get Punjab this time. he admitted that his sister did not get us set up right. Ya think? And he is slower than dirt and makes us jump through hoops and reset the receiver, yada, yada, yada. I make him stand by until I get the channels! My goodness, why is this so hard for them? I told him I'll see you tomorrow as I'm headed to Needles, California. Could you please plan ahead and have everything ready for me?

The motorhome is still pretty clean, the truck on the other hand is pretty dusty. I think it was the 3 times through the dusty KOA campground that did it. Maybe it will blow off as we travel to Needles, California, tomarrow.

Thank you for all your prayers for us, especially today we feel them. We will be back on the road tomorrow, and you can bet we will be watching out for any more renegade freezers! (Maybe I should tell the farmers insurance people about my story, it would make a great commercial!) Hugs to all of you!

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