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Another bridge across the Ohio

After a good night's sleep we were ready to finish packing and hit the road. but first, coffee and breakfast (thanks Lori). Afterwards we completed the last minute stuff, dragged the kitty out from under the covers and got hooked up, carefully. After hugs all around Don got behind the wheel while Bud and I prepared to spot him so he didn't fall off the side of the driveway. It only took one readjustment and we were safely on the highway.

At last we were on our way, and immediately made a wrong turn, south. After getting back on track it was smooth going with overcast skies and cool temps. We arrived at the campground around 4:30 in the afternoon (which was really 5:30 since we had crossed the timeline.) There were just a couple of spots left; ours was the last one on the edge of the lake. A back in spot, which was really a piece of cake after our last parking spot! The lady who checked us in said that usually the couples who want to remain married ask for the pull through spaces!

Jeanne (my sister) already had plans for the evening so we enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

Distance: 208 miles (plus the 40 miles it took to get turned around after going south instead of north)

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