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En route to Juma Lodge

Juma swimming pool

Anita the Macaque Monkey

Tristan's piranha

Hanna's piranha

Walking in the jungle

Jungle braai

Anteater in a tree

Juma Amazon Lodge has been our venue for the last 3 gorgeous days, spending our time walking in the jungle, boating on the river, bird watching, piranha fishing, canoeing and swimming. The pool was without doubt a highlight of the lodge - a floating wooden dock with the pool in the middle, and below the surface of the water, the sides and base were made of fencing to allow a free flow of river water through the pool, while thankfully keeping anacondas, piranhas and caimans out. And of course it offered great respite from the heat and humidity of the jungle.

One of our jungle walks culminated in a jungle "braai" for lunch with chicken, ribs and fresh Tambaqui (local Amazonian fish) cooked on an open fire in the middle of the jungle.

Hanna and Tristan were most excited by the piranha fishing, as first Hanna and then Tristan triumphantly landed a piranha, while everyone else in the boat was far more absorbed in the sighting of an Amazon Pink Dolphin. We had all seen a number of grey Dolphins, but the pink version is a particularly special sight.

The last morning rewarded us with an amazing sighting of an anteater up a tree, breaking apart an ant nest and greedily devouring all the ants it could get hold of with it's long snout.

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