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What a slow, easy day. Scott headed off to the new campus at 7.30, but of course I did not hear him go. I laid around, and didn’t make any plans at all.

But I did cook some custard for Scott, as he had been planning to do the other day. Sadly, it did come out a little thick, but measuring tools would be handy.

I washed dishes, cleared up, and just generally pottered about, while Scott slept in the afternoon, which is his usual routine after such an early start!

I cooked some potatoes in the microwave this afternoon, and when they were done, cut them in half, scooped out the cooked flesh, mixed in butter and grated cheese, and put them into the oven to crunch up on the top. They were yummy.

When Scott got moving, he decided to go to Walmart and get some supplies. He wants to make a lemon fluff, so needed ingredients. It is amazing to be able to go shopping at 9 o’clock at night.

I had communication with Melrose over the evening, and as she is not working tomorrow, we are going to meet in the morning. I want to visit the shop where she found the cheesecake, and try it out, and I also really need to find somewhere for a massage! So, I’m looking forward to answering some challenges tomorrow!

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