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Today I had a couple of plans. First of all I had to call Nicole to get water delivered. My plan was to meet Winnie at the nearby Police Station to complete my registration.

But in the morning I tried to do a load of washing, and the tap connection, hooking to washing machine up to the water supply, broke, and completely fell apart. So another request for Nicole!! She sent a repair man, who had a look at the problem, and was able to come back in the afternoon to supply and fit new hose and tap fittings.

I now have ABC radio streaming live on my computer, so at home I listen to the radio, and carry on with my crochet!

By 3 o’clock I decided to call Winnie, and cancel our appointment for this afternoon. We changed to tomorrow, all being well.

I messaged Greg and arranged to meet at the Chopsticks Express restaurant, where Jane took us on our first night. Scott decided to come with us, and Melrose had messaged, so I invited her too.

I had a really nice meal, of pork (which almost tastes like bacon) on scrambled eggs, and with (of course) rice underneath. It was very nice, but the coffee I ordered was certainly not up to the standard of Bai Pin Tang. So one lesson learnt!

It was reasonably early when we got home tonight, so that was nice. Back to the crochet!!

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