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It is a rare day in our lives when one or both of us is seriously under the weather. Today is the day. Last night I went off to bed with a sore throat. I took an antibiotic and a dose of NyQuil. That helped me sleep pretty well but I felt quite “draggy” all day today. It was a cool, rainy sort of day so it was ok to stay indoors and we didn’t even get out of our PJ’s all day.

We had a pleasant surprise when Patty came to our door with a container of homemade gumbo. Patty’s husband, John, is a talented cook and everything he fixes is tasty indeed. Guess what we ate for lunch.

I did go off to bed in an effort to get a nap but that didn’t pan out so I sat in the living room with Marilyn, watching some mindless TV.

We have work to do in preparation for leaving one week from tomorrow so being less than well is not a good option.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me and I’ll be shouting that Life is Good!

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