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Waiting at the bus stop, the view up the side road.

I was hoping to get to the police station today. I have to register my presence here with the local police. I sent a message to Nicole, but never got a reply until way too late. She is a very busy lady, and she apologized for not returning my message. We will try again tomorrow afternoon!

Mid-afternoon I got a bus to town. While waiting for the bus, I messaged Greg to see if he wanted to meet up for coffee. He was on his way to collect his brand new laptop, so my plans had a quick change.

I had been planning to go to the bank, before going to look for an extension lead. Supermarkets have led to dead ends in that department.

I went to the ICBC bank, where there used to be English and Chinese instructions at the ATM, but alas, things have changed there too. I tentatively inserted my card into the slot, and kind of moved through the process with a lot of guess work, and with an awful lot of luck, I actually got to get cash out, and my card back. Success!!

From the bank, I walked down and then met Greg outside computer city to pick up his new laptop. All set up for him, in English, so he was really happy. A new Asus laptop for I think 2000 RMB, which equals around $400. Good buying!

Greg got a motorbike taxi down to Bai Pin Tang, and I set off walking. I did a couple of detours into the shopping arcades along the way.

We had more than one coffee, and Greg helped me to install a couple more useful apps onto my phone. Now I have the bus app, which I can use when waiting at the bus stop, to find out how far away the bus is, or to check which other buses could be useful for me. Amazing! And I also have AutoNavi, which is a map app, and best of all, it is in English! Bonus. Greg is a great source of useful information (and nowadays, apps!)

I headed off to get a bus back to school, to coordinate with Scott’s arrival home. I had said that I would make him his custard today. But I detoured into KFC for food for me.

While waiting for my food in KFC, I had a call from Scott, to say that one of his colleagues had invited us both to visit her home, for noodles for dinner. So I said I would be there as soon as I could. She lives in Building 17, next door to Scott’s building.

Xia is an anatomy teacher, newly graduated from university, and a first year teacher. For this year, she mostly is watching other more experienced teachers, learning how to best do her job. She comes from Hubei province, and lives in Zhaoqing with her Dad, who has come south with her, to help her settle and adjust. He is working as a tiler here in town.

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