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We did not sleep well on our last night in Praiano. The power was interrupted several times, and came to life with a loud thump, also triggering the ping from the ipad recharging.

We had an early start to the day.

Our very caring host insisted we have a croissant and coffee before we leave.

So that we did.

Of course, loading our bags into the school bus, standing in the middle of the road to load them,was a little easier at just after 7am, as the traffic had not really started.

Sita buses run very punctually. No doubt, if there was an accident all things would be different.

Of course there was another encounter with another Sita bus, squeezing passed each other. No one notices. A quick change of buses at Amalfi, and we are on new roads for the next hour and a quarter.

How courageous we have become, travelling nonchalantly on these buses and roads.

The croissant and coffee slosh for the next 2 hours.

We pass through new towns for us. We did view these from the boat on our way to Amalfi. Plenty of road riders out, and what a glorious road to ride -out of the saddle! There were even corners where our bus needed all the space to go around, and the on coming cyclist was forced to move over.

There was a change of railing, or wall on the outer edge of the road. I felt a little more comfortable with the concreted wall, and uneasy about the the rail and cyclone mesh that separated the road traffic from a plunge.

At Salerno again, we wait for our train. A short journey to Naples, for a train change, and another much later in the day at Milano Rogeredo.

The towns flip past, as if flipping through a pack of cards.Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Bologna, Milano Rogeredo. We are traveling at 297kms per hour. You do not feel this speed inside the train, but should you be standing on a station where this train passes through, it nearly pulls you into the path of the train. Though I couldn’t say that they do 290kms through stations, but it is very fast all the same.

Around Napoli, the smog is heavy.

There are endless market gardens, making the landscape quite neat and textured in green.

Large gangs of market garden employees are seen. This is possibly where the Tunisians and Libyans are employed for next to nothing.

On the northern side of Firenze, autumn has kissed the trees. Yellow foliage has progressed since we were last here only a few weeks ago. It is noticably cooler back in the north of Italy.

We finally get to Genova, in Liguria. We have transitted here before, but moved on to walk the Cinque Terre.

The railway station here is worth seeing. It is noted as one of the best from its historic building perspective.

Pesto is the order of the day in this region. And it is delicious.

We are pretty tired today, even though we have just been sitting on trains.

There is a Maritime Museum here, and Genova is where Christopher Colombus was born.

Internet not so sharp, so will send pics from Milan.

Our time is drawing near to departure back to Singapore, then Melbourne.

What a wild ride it has been.

Love Marco and Giana

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