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Morning walking group in old town

Monument of mother and child

Favio demonstrating coffee roasting at Nero Kaffe

Judi & Alyssa with their purchases

Cantina Tullio Vineyard

Wine tasting with Federico

Welcome drink at Le Cannardize in Atina

The lovely interior of Le Cannardize Restaurant

Enjoying the ambiance at lunch

Picturesque village of Atina

Cathedral di Santa Maria Assunta, c1208

Wanda making the apple scaloppine

Dinner party in the olive press cellar

Our oh so scrumptious dinner

Wanda and her tiramisu

Massimo serenading us!

Today began with another wonderful breakfast at Casa Gregorio. There were two different breakfast wraps containing cheeses and meats. Along with that was a myriad of yogurt, pastries, and fruit. Several of us went for an after breakfast walk up to the top of old town enjoying its beautiful charm. At the crest of the hill, overlooking the valley, stands a beautiful monument representing a mother protecting her child in the aftermath of WWII. The movie "Two Women" starring Sophia Loren was made in this exact location recalling this story.

We then boarded our vans for a trip to Nero Kaffe located in the town of Ceprano. The owner, Favio, demonstrated the art of roasting the coffee bean to make high quality coffee. We were served one of the many speciality coffee drinks. Wanda andJudix2 had a very delicious frappuccino. Afterwards we visited Cantina Tullio, a vineyard in Val Comino a region in Italy famous for its Cabernet wines. Federico, the owner and vintner, took us on a walk through the vineyard and then through the wine cellar and bottling plant to see how the wine is made. We then had an opportunity to sample a white wine and two cabs. Several of the ladies bought wine, including Judi C who bought the white wine. Wanda had already treated herself to a bottle of Pistachio Cream liquor (which is fabulous) so took a pass on the organic wine. We continued on to our lunch at Le Cannardize located in the very charming town of Atina. We were first treated to a fine glass of wine of the region on a lovely terrace overlooking a picturesque valley. The restaurant oozed with character, reminiscent of an old wine cellar complete with stone walls, antique winery relics, and dimly lite chandeliers. We each ordered something different and shared - two types of ravioli, grilled lamb, pork medallions with plum sauce, and baked scamorzzo (baked cheese) accompanied by a paired wine. We then took off to explore the town, which reeked of old world charm.

Arriving back to Casa Gregorio, we had an hour down time then off to the kitchen to prepare our evening dinner. What a hoot this was. First we prepared tiramisu, followed by scaloppini di maiale alle mela (apple scaloppini), and Nonna’s lasagna farcita. This process took over three hours of very hands on preparation, all the while enjoying the companionship of our Chef, Valerio, fellow wanna be chefs, and fine wine! While waiting for dinner to cook, Valerio and Massimo (another Casa talented staff member) performed an impromptu Italian song fest. Their antics were hilarious, and voices excellent. It was then time for dinner that was served in the very picturesque olive press cellar. First course lasagna, then the scaloppini, followed by our very own personally made tiramisu. What a feast, with great camaraderie. Massimo then performed a couple more songs to top off a fabulous day. WH

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