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Breaking down remnants of unneeded furniture.

Quite a load of rubble to remove

Women work just as hard as men - no job sexual discrimination...

On the truck, packing it all up.

Nearly done.

Just about ready for removal!

And off the load goes.

Not much left to sweep up

Looking toward the front gate.

Just love the trees in this lovely campus.

Toward the back gate.

Frankle's car. A car park at the campus is a way new...


Looking up at my old apartment building and my home on the...

Scottie, using his love of music in the classroom.

In the morning I watched two workers, a man and a woman, load a truck with all the timber and rubble from the demolition upstairs. They worked as if they were building a jigsaw puzzle, and managed to leave with almost nothing left on the ground! Well, all except for two aloe plants in broken pots, that I was almost tempted to grab!

I had a message from Frankle, to say that he had an extra quilt for me, sent by Kathy, as the weather is beginning to cool off. He was stunned when I met him at his car in shorts and a t-shirt. It is now autumn and the locals seem to have moved into much warmer clothes! I’d be roasting!

I went down with Scott to his 4.20 class, and got a resounding applause when I walked into the room. It is great to be back in that environment. The students are all generally shy, and their English is pretty limited. But they all try so hard! For second year students, it is pretty clear that they have not had a foreign teacher since I left the college.

I ducked out of class at 5pm to go up to Frankle’s office, to enlist his help installing a VPN onto my phone. It is all up and going, so I now have at least spasmodic access to Facebook, and Gmail. Much better for anyone who wants to have contact, to install Wechat on your phones, to be able to be regularly in touch.

After class I got a bus into town, to find the Dynasty Bakery. There is no longer the Dynasty Hotel, but their bakery has survived, and there are apparently two shops. Amazingly, the prices have not increased from what they were six years ago. They do now have butter in a 250 gram block, which is an innovation.

I had messaged Melrose from the bus, to see if she was in town, but she was at a hairdressing salon with a couple of her colleagues. They were nearly finished, and she invited me to join them for dinner.

I somewhat overdid my shopping in the bakery, and when I was finished, messaged Melrose, for her to call for a DD car. It appears to be a lot like Uber, except that it is all done through the phone and wechat! This technology is so far over the top, I am lost with it.

She messaged me with the registration plate and the colour of the car that would be collecting me!

While I was waiting for the car, a young woman walked up to me, and asked was my name Lin! What??!! Turns out that she is from our new campus, and she recognized me from my similarity to Scott, and also from old photos of me around the college. Her initial reason for approaching was that she thought I did not have an umbrella with me, and wanted to offer me hers! But I did have one, it was in my bag!

Eventually, due to heavy end of day traffic, the car arrived to collect me. We headed toward the eastern end of town. This area is amazing, with so much development. Obviously a huge amount of money being invested out here. The restaurant we went to looks fabulous, very, very classy. It is the second branch of one already in the cbd.

I met Jane and Buddy, who both work with Melrose, at the small school that Scottish Derek runs, with his local wife. Both speak pretty good English, and it was fun to chat with them.

They were impressed with the décor and the layout of the restaurant, but not so with the menu choices, not the standard of the food. And it seemed to me, the uniforms of the staff did not seem to suit the elegant surroundings!

After dinner, Melrose and I took a bus toward town. She got off near her apartment, and I continued on to town. I had to change buses near Grandbuy, so I took the opportunity to detour into KFC and get some of their delicious custard tarts. Then another bus back to the college.

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