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Progress so far on the baby blanket for Andy's sister expected baby.

This is how the yarn comes, in a lovely box of six...

Even a really cute picture to make the box appealing.

October 15 2017

I passed time this morning with more crocheting. I’m steaming along and loving the results. Messaged Greg late in the morning, to arrange to meet for coffee at 4.30 at ‘his’ coffee stop. I had a message from Melrose too, and invited her to join us.

Around lunch time I had a message from Cheer inviting me to the Lotus Restaurant with his family for dinner. We negotiated and decided instead to eat at Bai Ping Tang so that Greg and Melrose could join us.

Got a bus into town, and walked down Tiannning Lu, into the 3 and 9 RMB shops looking for a simple extension lead. Couldn’t find anything but power boards!

Down the street, could hardly believe my eyes at the police presence in the city. Even four guys in what appeared to be army uniform, marching up the footpath, with the leader even carrying a machine gun! Yikes! I am guessing it could be connected with the huge communist party congress scheduled for Beijing in the coming week.

It’s great to catch up with Melrose. I did not have a lot to do with her, but I liked her. She is looking forward to foreign female company for a bit, at least while I am here!

Cheer arrived around 6, waiting for Xiao Hong and Mei Xuan. Little one was at a dancing class.

Greg had decided he was not going to stay for dinner, and neither was Melrose, because they thought I should spend time with the Li family, and that I was who they were waiting to meet. But in the end we all ate dinner together, and were all impressed with the menu and the huge range of food available.

Xiao Hong had a belated birthday gift for me. A beautiful hand embroidered wallet. What a girl.

When we left, we all went in our separate directions. I got a bus outside Grandbuy to take me home again.

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