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Scott had to leave here at 7.30 to get out to Dinghu campus for an 8.30 class. I was also awake early, and had plenty of time to get ready to meet up with Jane. I needed to wirthdraw cash, and had a look at the ATM in the college, but chickened out, when I could see no English at all.

We walked up the road to a nearby ICBC bank, and she helped me to withdraw cash. After Scott’s experience when he first arrived, it was a nerve racking few moment, until I had my cash, and the return of my card! (For those not in the know, the bank Scott was using swallowed his card, and it was not possible to retrieve it, leading to a few days of anxious thinking, working out how to get cash to him!)

We got a bus down to Renmin Zhonglu markets, and I found knitting yarn, to make a blanket for Blue Sky’s #1 sister, who is due to have a baby next month.

Then we walked into town. I needed coffee, lingerie bags and was also looking for a plastic set of drawers. We got everything except the drawers, and went for lunch at the place I had coffee yesterday, then back to RT Mart to collect the drawers. 99 RMB for a set of 4 drawers. Jane ordered me a DD car, kind of like Uber, except that the whole transaction is done on the phone via Wechat!! He drove me right down the back to the teacher accommodation block, so I did not have too far to carry my burden.

I made a start on the blanket. Yarn is beautiful, I hope to find out the fibre composition some time.

Scott headed in to town to look for Spaghetti Bolognese from Pizza Hut, but had some problems, before finding another Pizza Hut and got back at last, hot and flustered with Spag Bol. Not bad either!

I’d just finished eating when a message came through from Rony, wanting to know if it is all right to knock at the door. But of course. It was lovely to see him, and spend some time.

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