Back to my second home in Zhaoqing. travel blog

Scott had an easy morning, followed by a visit to a kindergarten, and then an evening class in the city.

Messaged Winnie, and she is going to meet me for dinner, and to show me her new apartment.

So I hung around, reading and relaxing, until about 2pm. Decided to meet Greg in the city, and messaged him. We met up at his little dumpling restaurant and enjoyed a snack.

Was planning to go and withdraw cash from the bank, but did not have the card with me, so that daunting task will have to wait for now.

Got a bus down to the bottom of Tianning lu, so Greg could show me his new haunt for coffee. Bai Pin Tang, near the original McDonalds opposite Paifang Square. Coffee is good, and the food menu looks to be extensive too. Will be trying food here one day soon.

Over our coffee, I hooked into the free wifi, and Greg sent me links to install a dictionary, translator, and a search engine that appears to work easily in China. He says there will be more to come.

I left Greg to duck over the road to RT Mart and get shampoo and conditioner, before grabbing a taxi to meet Winnie.

Quite a trek, past where we used to fly kites. And the traffic was pretty heavy too. Too many damn cars in this place nowadays@

Winnie has not changed, nor has her Mother. But her little girl Iona is a bubbly, cheeky two year old, not at all shy, and very friendly.

I looked around the new apartment, on the 21st floor, of a massive housing development. Magic views over the lake system, and almost ready to move into. They have done an amazing job with their decorating. Every room is wall papered, with really classy papers, and the whole place is just gorgeous. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to ask what it has cost them! And I’ll get photos when it is nearer to finished.

We walked from there to a little local type restaurant where Winnie’s brother Jacky and his wife were waiting for us, with their four month old baby boy.

Liao turned up soon after us. They made an effort to order all the things they remember me liking.

After dinner Jacky drove me home and dropped me at the college gate.

Back to the Zhaoqing life!!

I had a message from Jane later on, and we are going to meet at the back gate of the college at 11am.

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