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We are now down to six radiation therapy sessions remaining. The days are dwindling down to a precious few, as the song says, and we will soon be on the road again.

In the meantime we will spend as much time with relatives as possible before leaving.

After my session this morning I drove to the store to pick up a few groceries. I was simply pushing my cart down an aisle perusing the selections of something while wondering where to find the honey. I finally found the aisle which had syrup but it wasn’t there. It wasn’t with the sugar either. I found it with the jelly and jams. Ah Ha! Just where I was going next!

About this time my phone rang and it was one of the staff members at the cave calling to see if I could come in and lead a tour of the Mark Twain Cave for the passengers off the riverboat. I glanced at my watch and it was 5 after 10. They needed me for a 10:30 tour and I knew that wouldn’t work.

I did get checked out and hurried home, stopping at the Cave right at 10:30 but the very efficient folks had everything under control. I then continued back to the RV where Marilyn helped unload groceries.

I did give another tour to a group of seventh grade students and finished in time for a short nap before Jennifer and the Grandkids arrived for a visit.

I entertained with stories from my Air Force days and had Colby laughing out loud.

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