Theeer's Yogi to greet us.

Pull up to the parking sign and go in to sign in...

our setup

one of the birds, Rio or Paco

one of three turtles/tortoises

one of three gators, they're small about 4 feet long

be sure to follow rules

for the enjoyment of all

So, we out ran another hurricane, three this year, hopefully the amount of destruction we, as a nation has incurred is ended for this year! Good grief! As I write this, the fires in California are raging and have claimed about 45 lives, destroyed more than 3500 builidngs, homes, businesses, barn, sheds, everything in them! We've driven 286 miles today from the Thousand Trails park to Bremen, Georgia and a Jellystone RV Park! The drive was a bit dicey as a line of thunder storms blasted thru one area. We could see the clouds off in the distance ahead of our route. Rebecca pulled out our IPhone and clicked on the "STORM" app to see and perhaps predict our position. She detected a small line of yellow with a little orange storms about 10 miles right in front of our location. She recommended we slow down and let the storm move thru and out of our way. Nice job, Rebecca. With her savvy move all we got was green clouds and light rains! Shortly after that, Rebecca used the "ALLSTAYS Camp & RV" app to locate an campground and called them from the app to see if they had space for us. She's a great navigator!

The campground we chose was one of the many Jellystone Campgrounds. We've stayed at several of these in the past 11 years. Of those, we think this one is among the best in that system. After we setup, during our walk around the property we found two beautiful Macaw birds, three little alligators. Overall, it was a nice, relaxing evening.

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