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We touched down in Guangzhou about 20 minutes early, but then sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes, effectively making us 10 minutes late. The queues were not long, and I cleared immigration in good time. Then as I found which carousel my baggage was on, and I approached, there was my huge case just going past, so with a push and a shove, I managed to grab it, without knocking anyone over in the effort. Going through immigration was a complete non-event!

Scottie was there waiting for me, and we got out the door, to wait for Frankle, who had left to find a toilet. He seemed to be taking ages, but he turned up, and we headed for his car.

The highways and expressways change so very quickly here. We took a completely different route to one I have ever been on before! Even coming through Dinghu and into Zhaoqing, there were many new features, and roads. Even the huge elevated fast train station, just near the Zhaoqing University.

By the time we got into Scott’s apartment, it was 5am, and I was feeling drunk with tiredness. It was hot, humid, and the bed was incredibly hard! Just how I remember, but had chosen to forget!!

I woke up at 10.30 and made myself a coffee, but soon decided that bed was the best option for now! And I did manage to sleep for a few more hours.

In the afternoon, Scott contacted Greg, and we got a bus into town, to meet up for dumplings in a little restaurant in Tianning Beilu. Steamed dumplings and some of the best I’ve ever tasted. A tray filled with ten dumplings for 4RMB! About 80 cents!

We left Greg, and headed down town. First stop was at the back of Walmart, which is now a big suburban bus station. Not sure yet, but a lot of the buses are now electric and perhaps it is a charging station. Hope to find out someday. We managed to get bus cards at their office, which makes travel in the city much easier than having to have the correct change for bus fares!

Next stop was into RT Mart, where I had a list of things I needed. Firstly I found myself two pillows, and then a mission to find pillow cases, but we managed, with the help of one of the shop assistants. I kept finding cheaper and cheaper ones, then she caught on, and took me to a bin or really cheapies. Once again I am astounded at the courtesy of the local people, given the fact that I do not have any useful Chinese language, but she still did not give up.

Next thing was to find a flat sheet. The quilt that Kathy has put in the apartment is way too hot for me. No air conditioning in my bedroom. Anyway, I did eventually find a sheet. I did mean to write down all the prices, but I have neglected to do it, and by now cannot remember details!

And I found a pack of coat hangers, ready for my wardrobe.

We got a bus back to the campus, and as we walked in from the bus stop, Scott had a message from Jane, one of my old students, wanting to catch up with us. We waited for her, and when she appeared she had a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies, to welcome me back to the college!

She came up to the apartment with us, and then invited us to have dinner with her. She took us to a little restaurant in the city, called Chopsticks Express. Very nice, quite cheap, very typical local Chinese. We did not manage to eat everything, but we packed it and brought it home with us. I think we were both feeling the effects of a very late night last night.

We got the bus home, and by the time I had the sheet spread on my bed, it was time to hit a shower, and get into bed. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will refresh me!

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