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Set to roll.

Set to roll.

Up early to finish off packing. Re-shuffled some stuff to make it easier to close my suitcase. I did a couple of loads of washing for Errol and I, leaving what I did not need to take with me, for Errol to store in the boot of mycar.

Left Leschenault at 10am, to head up the road. We fuelled up at Myalup, and carried on uneventfully up the highway. Traffic slowed around Cockburn Central, but nothing too drastic for a change. There was heavy rain most of the way up the road. We arrived at the airport around 11.45, Errol dropped me off. I told him he did not need to bother hanging around, and then getting stung with exorbitant parking fees. So, I hung around for a while, waiting for the check in desk to open.

Geoff had called me earlier, wanting to meet after I had checked my big case, to show me some product he and his daughter have been developing, and are hoping to introduce into China. He rang again while I was waiting to get my luggage checked, and receive boarding passes. I told him I would call him when I was done, so he parked up back down the road, to wait for my call.

He picked me up, and we found an area where we could park and chat, and I could sample his wares. Slices made by him, from recipes put together by his daughter, if I understand it clearly. All organic, gluten free, sugar free, raw, and each one of the four he had for me delicious to boot. Certainly an interesting concept. I will see what I can discover while I am in China. Kind of a challenge, looking to import into China, rather than out from!

Heading through to the departure gates, I had a quick trip through immigration, and got stopped at security, firstly for the 1kg of cheese I was carrying. They took it out, had a good pummel of it, and then put it back through the x-ray machine, along with my case. All good. And then I was randomly selected for a full body scan. Of course it showed up nothing except my bracelet and watch, necklaces, and surprisingly, the hooks and eyes on my vest!! But I was really surprised that it did not pick up my new metal hip!

Boarding was on time, although our departure had been shifted from 3pm to 3.25. It did concern me a little about the change over time in KL, but would deal with that when I needed to. The plane was smaller than what I have usually flown that route on, but fine, and comfortable. The meal was also not as substantial as with Malaysian Air, but still perfectly ample.

By the time we landed at KL I was beginning to panic about the time I had to make the second leg of my trip. But by careering madly through the airport, I made it with not much time to spare. I was probably one of the last to board the flight, but I had made it! That’s all that counts.

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