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Our vans look very small, with large trees behind

Tyenna River beside Caravan Park

Russell Falls

Lake Pedder amazing reflections

Lake Pedder

Gordon Dam Wall

Pademelon look closely for hairless baby

Tue 17th. Today we moved on to Mt Field National Park. Westerway is a tiny town nearby, as the diary wouldn't accept a national park.

What a beautiful drive today, travelling through forests, and some open countryside, always with hills and mountains in the background, and lakes between the mountains. We passed by a hugh hydroelectric power centre, with massive rows of pipes going up and down the sides of the mountains.

The camp ground we are in is lovely, with the Tyenna River flowing past. This is the best trout fishing river in Tassie. No, we don't know how to fish for trout, so no trout dinner unless we buy it.

After lunch and nana naps, we all went for a 30 minute walk to Russell Falls. This walk is amazing, walking under trees and tree ferns, with moss covering everything that stays still for a while, and a stream running over rocks, this is truly a wonderland. The falls are the largest in the area and with six layers tumbling over the mountain with the sun shining, was truly beautiful.

We are loving this weather at the moment, even got shorts out today!!!

Wed 18th. Today we drove 90km to the Gordon River Dam. Another great drive with hugh mountains surrounding us along the way, some covered in trees, some covered in grasses, and some mountains of rock.

The most special part of today was coming around a bend and seeing an arm of Lake Pedder which had absolutely perfect reflections. Not a ripple on the water, something we probably won't see quite the same again. On the way back we stopped for another look, however the water was rippling and no reflections. We felt privileged to have seen it so beautiful.

On to the Gordon River Dam, this was great to see, looking down great ravines. This did Noel's head in, couldn't take the heights. So, kindly, I drove back and let him rest. David was the only one who braved the 194 steps down to the Dam wall, then up again. He found " up" very tiring, but thankfully made it.

This evening we have been sitting quietly, and watching a mother Pademelon eating grass beside our vans, then her baby started to make an appearance. Just his head and at times his two front legs, he is so tiny has no hair yet. They put on a show for us for about 20mins.

Love Dawn

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