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Sunshine today, but getting colder in the mornings. It didn't take too long to install the new slide seal and we were on our way. We still had 9 days left in our reservation for the next campground. I had plans for us to get there soon enough to get the satellite set up so we could watch the Oklahoma/Texas football game on Saturday. After all I had a double or nothing bet riding on this game with our previous supervisor, Don Holden. I tried to get him to come over for the steak dinner I owed him from last year but he never made it. Hence, the bet for this year.

We made it in to the campground, a really huge place, but our site was deep in the trees with no hope for a satellite signal. Also a black hole as far as telephone and internet was concerned. With a little exploration, we located a couple of TVs and places where we could log on to WIFI. That done, we drove in to Owensville, the nearest town approximately 15 miles away to celebrate our Friday the 13th. Not too many choices (except for the usual fast food chains) but we happened on a real find, the Rock Island Marketplace. They had a fairly limited menu but it was also a deli with cases of meats and sausages and wurst. There was a definite German influence in the types of food they offered.

Distance: 87 miles

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