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As luck would have it, our part was not in and not expected until Wednesday, so we paid for another couple of days and settled in to wait. I called the next place, The Lost Valley Lakes RV Resort, who said we could come in anytime with no problem.

During a slight break in the rain we sat outside, mostly to relieve cabin fever both for us and for the kitty. I complained of a sewer smell, one I had detected slightly when we barbecued outside previously. So Don checked, said there was a slight leak and tightened the sewer shutoff valve. Well, you can guess how that worked; it made it worse. So with a bucket appropriately placed we drove in to get a replacement part. Our guy at the truck and trailer place did not have it, so our next choice was the Camping World, not currently our favorite place. And they had it! And Don was able to get it on just before the rain started in again.

On Wednesday, the part still was not in, but was definitely expected to be there on Thursday. Right.

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