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When I had booked the cruise the stop was supposed to be in Turkey but with the unrest it was changed to Mykonos.

This is the only place I did not schedule a tour in. We had many choices, we could go to Delos (a small island off Mykonos), we could do a beach day or we could do nothing and explore Mykonos on our own. We choose the later.

When you got off the ship there was a water taxi for a couple of Euros to take you into Mykonos as the ship docks on one side of the bay and the town is on the other side.

Mykonos is a place of narrow marble streets which we wandered around getting lost and finding our way again. We were trying to find the famous windmills and finally found a high enough point where we could see them. We realized we had actually gone past them so started off again on the narrow streets. I shouldn’t really call them streets as they are not wide enough for cars. We finally found the windmills and then wandered back into the town.

The houses are whitewashed with colourful doors and window trims and there is bougainvillea growing everywhere. The white stucco on the houses making them look like marshmallows from a distance. I wish my pictures could do it justice. There are cats everywhere and the people just feed them all.

There are colourful fishing boats in the harbour and we spent some time there looking for the official mascot, a pelican but we were not lucky enough to see him.

We got back to the ship early and had some pool time before meeting up with everybody to hear about their days adventures. I think Ray was sorry we hadn’t got to the beach with Sharon and Chris as Chris described the views on the beach – wink/wink

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