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I knew that, after my radiation therapy this morning, the number of sessions remaining would be in the single digits. With that thought in mind I drove to the Cancer Center and arrived about 15 minutes early. I was told that they were having computer issues and I could go home if I wished. They said they would call me when they had the issues resolved. HA! No Way!!

As I sat waiting, a guy walked in and I thought I knew him. He looked at me and said “Ed?” I said yes and he asked “Ed Dray?” I nodded yes and he shook hands with me and told me his name. Joe Gass and I used to work for the same company and he flew as a passenger on the Company Jet numerous times. He is now an IT at the Clinic and the Cancer Center.

Shortly after this, I was called in and told that all was good and my therapy went off without a hitch.

Back at the RV I completed a few chores, loaded stuff in the truck for a trip to the storage shed at the kids house, and then grilled a couple of ribeye steaks for a late lunch or early dinner.

After a delicious meal, Marilyn & I sat together relaxing (That means dozing in my case) and then the phone rang. It was a really good friend from High School days who is going through a similar radiation protocol as I am. It is always a pleasure to chat with Dave and we recalled the recent class reunion where we were able to spend some time together here in Hannibal and in Kahoka. It was all fun!

Friends, Denny & Jackie also called and we discussed our trip together down to the Rio Grande Valley, leaving two weeks from today. I can hardly wait.

Life is Good!

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