Jane and Mark's Taste of Italy 2017 travel blog

A slow start from Siracusa railway station.

Sundays are quiet.

Our new second class rail carriage was brand new,

Very comfortable. Clean toilets but no food or drink vendors. Luckily we had packed our picnic from the Ortigia market the previous day.

As we passed through Catania, Etna had shrugged her veil, and was proudly standing tall, wearing a mere wisp of smoke. Nice to see her. Hope she stays quiet.

Once we arrived at Messina in Sicily, our train went into the bowels of a ship, and we took about 25 minutes to get to the Italian mainland., across the Messina Strait.

Several dogs joined this 8 and a half hour journey to Salerno. So well behaved, as they are in shops and trattorias. I do not know if they require a ticket!

Our global pass for “Trenitalia” is paying off well. The Rail Planner app has been most useful.

We still have to shell out for reservations for our seats, otherwise you could end up standing all the way, depending on the business of the train route.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Amalfi coast to a small town of Praiano. We are catching a ferry from Salerno to the town of Amalfi, then maybe a little bus to Praiano. Hopefully that works ok.

Thursday, we really testing the system. Typical Australians, we think nothing of travelling vast distances. Our guide Gabriele from our Fracigena Walking tour thought it was too hard to do Naples to Reggio di Calabria!!!!!!!

So, from Praiano,we will be catching a small bus , back to Amalfi, another bus to Salerno, a train from Salerno to Naples, change trains, a train from Naples to Milan, change trains ,then a train to Genova. That should take all day, but it will be fun.

Thought we might as well get a taste of Ligurian cuisine as well. Looking forward to some green minestone soup- coloured with basil. We have fond memories of that part of the world when we walked the Cinque Terre so many years ago.

We hope our adventurous aim is achievable. We booked our train reservations today, so I feel confident it will be ok.

You just have to be on the ball, read your seat reservation correctly, get into the correct carriage, as these chop and change throughout the journey.

Once at the big stations you need to quickly get off the train, head to the big departure board to find out where your next connection leaves from. Easy!

Salero is quite picturesque, lying at the base of some rough mountains. There is a Roman castle perched up in the clouds.

Big concrete highways and bridges cut the terrain.

There is an old Norman cathedral here, built in 1089 .

Certainly not as elaborate as others we seen.

There are a lot of houses perched on the sides of this mountainous region.

The port of Salerno has heavily bombed by the US in the second world war.

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