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The sky that said goodbye, as Michelle left Ottawa, from that it...

This was sunrise the next morning, as she left Stafford, Virginia

Mike gathers our pool noodles from the pool, still a pretty empty...

The park's resident Sandhill Cranes. They wander around, then go a for...

The local church Michelle went to was mid reno when the hurricane...

Typical trees with Spanish Moss (actually a flowering plant) on our drive...

Michelle had a great time in Ottawa visiting the kids and in Toronto, at our neice's baby shower. When she was done, it was time to do the 20hr drive back south to the RV in Florida.

While Michelle was away for the week, Mike got caught up on chores. Michelle had left a HoneyDo list on the whiteboard of things like insulating back windows, putting up sun shade extensions on the large awning, fixing little bits here and there and he changed the water filter under the kitchen sink. He also washed part of the kitchen floor after noticing the water filter wasn't re-installed correctly... (that he noticed as water was pouring out the side of the bus), perhaps he needs better supervision?... good news - kitchen floor is clean now too. Don't let him fool you into thinking he worked so hard while she was gone, the list was done on the first day and Michelle has heard lots of stories of him floating in the pool and soaking in the hot tub, meeting all the park residents. Oh, and watching the building going on in the park. They've finished all the new RV sites, are working on the mobile home sites and just started the pickleball courts and new walking paths. It should all be done by the time we come back in January, fingers crossed.

While Mike was having misfortune after misfortune, Michelle was driving and singing to tunes on the radio. (Mike was happy not to be in the car at that point). At the end of the first day, she had driven 11 hours and was about half way there. It would have been quicker but she got caught up in the evening rush hour around Washington, DC. She pushed through it all so in the morning she could get a good start will less traffic. The second day, was much like the first, radio, singing and clear blue skies. She pulled into the RV resort by 7pm, two long days and all the neighbours came to welome her home and gaze in amazement at the UBERhuman she was for driving that whole way, alone, in such a short time. And to check that she really did exist - most of them had pulled in since she left and they were wondering about this woman that Mike talked about, was she a figment of his imagination, or a real being??

Since Michelle has been back, our routine has settled down to our morning coffee, reading and listening to the cows moo next to us. The afternoon dip in the pool with our boat drinks (a must in the heat) and a lazy afternoon more internet, reading and at some point a bike ride around the park (too big for walking like we used to do.) We also watch for the Sand Hill cranes that stay around the park, we call the Thelma and Louise. Having the car, has allowed us to go out for dinner once with a neighbour, attend a massive flea market (which we only did a small part of this week), and to be able to go over to a local yoga studio for our twice a week sessions. We are feeling better already.

The park is slowly starting to fill up, we think November will be the big push once more Canadians arrive. We are enjoying the last of the really hot weather, tomorrow the temperatures drop, the tv weather keeps talking about the cold arriving - it will be in the low 70s Fahrenheit, which is 21 to 25 Celcius! I guess after the unusally hot weather they are looking forward to it. The night time temps will drop more, so thankfully we'll have less AC on!

We will enjoy this last bit of relaxing, as we await the arrival of our twin granddaughters. Michelle told them before she left, that they are to hang on to mid-Nov, we'll see how much they listen!

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